Have you recently begun the journey to find your wedding dress? We’ve compiled a quick little guide for brides to make the path to that perfect gown as stress-free as possible.  If you’re as savvy and stylish as our customers, you will begin the search here at 7th Avenue Bridal in Greater Manchester, where we can answer all your questions and fashion queries in person. Until then, here are our top tips to help you on your journey!

  1. Research, Revise, Repeat… If there’s one place to start your wedding research in this day and age, it’s the internet.  You can search for ideas and inspiration from the comfort of your own couch, in just a few clicks! Pinterest is a favourite for our brides here in Manchester and we love using it too!  You can create mood boards for each aspect of your wedding, especially the dress.  When you start shopping, simply let your Pinterest do the talking to instantly relay your ideas to the sales assistants.  This makes things a lot easier than trying to memorise a whole lot of dress terminology.  Plus, a good shop assistant will know what you are looking for straight away after seeing some clear examples.  Your next step will be to revise, narrow down one hundred photos to your top ten.   As you shop you will find this list could change even more, but at least this research gives you a clear starting point.  brides wearing ella rosa gallery wedding dresses in lace, tulle, chiffon and ivory fabrics
  2. What’s in a Name… Many brides have a set designer in mind for their wedding dress.  We carry fabulous collections from six internationally known brands: Justin Alexander’s Sweetheart Gowns, Beloved by Casablanca, Ella Rosa Gallery, Kenneth Winston Colour, English Rose and Bianco Evento.  While we appreciate how a label can add prestige to a gown, we do advise that brides look past the name and keep an open mind to all the fantastic styles that are available to them.  We have had brides in countless times who were dead set on a certain gown, but so pleasantly surprised when they fell in love with a dress that they’d tried on as a ‘Wild Card.’  Do you know why they were surprised?  Because each person had only been looking at one designer’s web page for months and completely shut themselves off from any other options! When you shop, don’t get stuck on names, keep an open mind and remain receptive to a world of beautiful possibilities.bride models a wedding dress with flower bouquet by justin alexanders sweetheart gowns in greater manchester
  3. It’s What’s Inside that counts… What you wear to your wedding dress appointment is important if you want to look and feel as confident as possible.  Usually the shop assistant will have to assist you in the fitting room with each gown you try on.  Don’t be worried about this aspect, as we have seen people of all shapes and sizes; and mis-matching lingerie is nothing to be embarrassed about!  Many wedding gowns are made with a corset built in and layered skirt, which eliminates the need for much lingerie underneath.  For trying on sample dresses in boutiques, you will do best with a strapless bra and simple knickers.  Skin coloured underwear with a seam free or fine appearance will be best hidden under your dress, especially if you are going for a fitted or lightweight gown.  Many fuller, princess style gowns require an extra underskirt or hoop inside; these are available at our boutique to try in many styles and sizes.  We can always advise on what underwear you should use with your chosen gown once you find ‘the one.’  Our personalised service ensures you will be dressed from head to toe in style and comfort.
  4. Try & Try On Again… We recommend visiting three shops maximum in one day.  You don’t want to overwhelm yourself or cloud your judgement by trying on too many styles all at once.  Some brides are lucky enough to find the one in the very first shop they visit!  If that’s not you, don’t stress.  Let’s say you’ve now been to a few shops and are torn between three or four gowns that all make you feel gorgeous.  Keep a careful record of each style and ask to take a photo (some shops allow pictures and some do not.)  Make a little list of your favourite qualities from each dress and if you can, narrow it down to two then visit those two gowns in one day to make your final decision.  Some brides take three visits to decide on the dress, especially if they have multiple favourites.  Don’t be self conscious or embarrassed if you need a couple appointments, boutique owners understand how important the dress is and will accommodate brides that need that extra bit of time and guidance.
  5. It Doesn’t Take a Village… The biggest mistake a bride can make is to bring a huge entourage along to their bridal appointments.  Support from your closest family and friends is great to have, so we encourage bringing between one and three guests along.  If you insist on bringing more than that, ask yourself first do you want a barrage of conflicting opinions drawing you away from choosing dresses that appeal to you personally?  We have all seen those episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress” where a brides favourite gown is torn to shreds by a friend with different taste or someone who thinks they know best.  The best way to avoid this scenario is to bring only those that know you best to your appointments from the start and remain vocal about your dress expectations and needs.
  6. Don’t Be Afraid to Say YES to the Dress… Now, you’re at the best part of the journey!  You have found the one and you are most likely grinning from ear to ear like the Cheshire cat in that amazing gown.  All our brides seem to say, “I don’t want to take it off,” once they get into their perfect dress.  If you have enjoyed the wedding shopping experience so much, you don’t want it to end, don’t be afraid to say yes.  It’s not the end of the journey, just another box ticked on your long wedding To-Do list.  You’ll still have bridesmaids, flower girls, groomsmen, mothers and more to shop for!  Trust your gut instinct, when you are in the right dress, you will feel it’s ‘the one.’ If you hesitate or walk away from your ideal gown, please be aware some styles can be discontinued; it may not be there again when you decide to buy at a later date.  
  7. Payment & Pricing… Your overall spend could include not only your gown, but accessories, an underskirt, express delivery for short timescales and added alteration costs.  All this should be laid out clearly on your order form, with itemised costs.  Generally shops will require a 50% deposit to order your new gown; then the remaining 50% will be due as soon as the gown is ready to be sent out to the boutique.  If you are purchasing a dress off the peg, this process changes to either payment in full or part payment until an agreed collection date.  We offer flexible payment plans at 7th Avenue Bridal, so your gown is as affordable as possible.  We tailor payment plans personally to each customer, dependent upon timescale and storage availability, so please contact us for full details of how we can accommodate your needs.  We also have a Special Offers page on our site, showcasing our designer gowns available to purchase at a reduced price in store, off the peg.  Also for the month of November 2017, we are offering 10% off a full price wedding dress (Terms and Conditions apply, so ask in store for full details).book in and find your perfect wedding dress in our greater Manchester bridal boutique
  8. Prepare for the Fittings… The next task will be getting your dress altered to fit like a glove!  We always let our brides know what alterations they will need before they order their gown with us.  Our designers’ size charts let us relay the exact fit, down to the inch, making it as straightforward as possible.  We can usually order gowns in at a shorter or longer length, so bring along your wedding shoes to get the most accurate measurement.  A customised length can sometimes cost a bit extra, so ask in store for details.
  9. The Journey Continues… After the gown is good to go, don’t forget all the other goodies you need next.  We carry bridesmaids dresses in over 60 colours, sparkling accessories from Emmerling, Cordelia Berkley and Bianco Evento, wedding veils with certified Swarovski crystal embellishments, flower girl dresses in sizes by age from two to twelve and even personalised gifts!  Many of our accessories are also gift boxed, making them lovely presents for your bridal party.  Visit our boutique today to complete your look and try on all our coordinating pieces with your dress.
  10. Sharing is Caring… We are lucky enough to have customers that love raving about our excellent customer service.  Read all our five star reviews on Facebook and Google.  We look forward to seeing you soon at 7th Avenue Bridal!  Contact us anytime on our landline, 01204 371 177 or by email seventhavenuebridal@outlook.com  we carry award winning designers and timeless styles at our bridal boutique in Bolton, greater Manchester